The new season will begin in the week commencing 12th September. There will be a meeting to hand out all of your paperwork at 11.30 on Sunday 4th September.


We have forty teams and so will continue with the four divisions of ten teams. There is a change in the schedule with two new cups, The On Point Logistics Cup will be contested by the Premier Division and the Rileys Solihull Cup will be contested by Divisions One, Two and Three. Further details will be provided in due course.


Rule Change - there is only one for this season, it relates only to the split of the balls from the break. Instead of 4 balls hitting the cushion, if a ball is not potted, then two balls (not including the white),must completely cross an imaginary line drawn between the centre of the two middle pockets. All other aspects of the break remain the same, so only 1 shot if the white goes in off (provding a legal break is made).


There are a few constitutional changes and these will be highlighted when you get your paperwork at the September meeting. The main one is that players no longer have to sign the sheets. Only a Captain signature is required, the sheet should only be signed if the captain is happy with the result and there are no disputes.


I hope you enjoy and like the new website... Thank you all for your continued support.


See you at the September meeting.





















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